European Airports – Cooked 3 ways

European Airports – Cooked 3 ways! Craig gives you laugh while he shows you how his non-entry into the Europe Iron Viz Tableau was cooked up. Includes some tricky spatial analytics using Alteryx, custom shapes, and a sankey chart.

Apple Watch and the Informed Sales Exec – Part 2

The mobile SuperStore Sales Exec never had it so good. A great story on the design of a Tableau dashboard to keep you on track for that bonus!. Includes a link to downloadable version to see how it all works under the hood.

More or Less or The Same?

If you are looking to provide added value when presenting someone with a set of numbers, it is very important to provide some context.  Is that a good number or a bad number?  Is that above or below target?  Or, quite often the most important context is how is that number trending over time: i.e. is…