3 Tier Map Drill-downs with Tableau Set Actions

It was at the 2018 Tableau Customer Conference in New Orleans that I first saw the power and potential of Set Actions.

After watching Bethany Lyons (self proclaimed spiritual leader of the #LIBERATESETS movement), presenting her Ready, Set, Action session – I was truly blown away!

This new release 2018.3 feature is going to be a game changer when it comes to interactivity of Tableau Dashboards.  Dashboard authors will no longer be limited to filtering, and highlighting – but will now be able to do a bunch of amazing things, just by having a user select something in a viz.

As well as filtering, and highlighting, you will be able to group, colour, hide, and most importantly change the members of sets that are used within calculations.  A great use case that Bethany showed us was cascading drilldowns.  My favourite example was a three tier map of England median property prices.

Bethany Lyons # Tier Map

Bethany Lyons 3 x Tier Map drill down

When I got back to Australia I was so excited to induct the Data Schoolers into this movement!  So, this week we had a whole half day teaching session exploring set actions, culminating in reproducing Bethany’s cascading map solution, but using EU superstore data instead.  The 3 x tiers we used are Country, State and City.

I have recorded a Youtube video of how it all comes together.

Youtube 3TierMap

and published a downloadable Tableau Public version of the workbook.



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