Hacking at the Fringe – Tableau Style

Hi Folks,

I have been lucky enough to get a 45min slot at the Tableau Fringe Festival APAC edition – which is a virtual conference with presentations by some really awesome speakers from the Tableau community.


I will be diving deep into my bag of visualisation consulting tricks, and presenting a selection of my favourite Tableau Hacks  – i.e. CraigsHacks for Tableau.

So please tune in from 10am (AEDT) on Friday 7th Oct, 2016 for jam packed program of good stuff. My slot is from 11am.  Register here to be sent a link to the virtual conference.

In the process of rehearsing for my slot, I took the opportunity to record some clips that I can use as a backup in case of technical disaster.

In case you miss the festival, here they are on Youtube.

Up Down Same Shapes


How to Create Tableau calculations that you can use as shapes to indicate Year on Year sales performance.

Dual axis labels at top of viz


Why and how to get your Tableau axis labels to the top of your viz.

Creating a Better Group


How to turn your Tableau groups into better performing and usable versions.

Magic Appearing Drill-downs


How to create a guided drill-through navigation experience on your Tableau Dashboard via action filters.

Self Filtering Dashboard Actions


How to do some pretty tricky Self-Filtering Tableau dashboard actions which help to make for nice 3-tier drill-through experience.

Make Your Own Legend


How to combine your Tableau Shape and Colour legends into one single legend.

Spermish Sparklines


How to turn your boring Tableau line chart into a Spermlike sparkline.

Extract Date Time using Custom SQL


How to inform your audience of the Tableau Data Extract date and time via a Custom SQL datasource.

Update: Here is a link to the workbook that I used during the session.

Tableau Public Downloadable version

2 thoughts on “Hacking at the Fringe – Tableau Style

    • Hi DataVizGuy. Glad you are enjoying. Yes – will be in Austin – will be following your ‘everything you need to know guide’ closely. Looking forward to catching up!

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